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Z+G | A Dubai Wedding Film | Trailer

I had never been to the United Arab Emirates.

I had never experienced a man-made island that was shaped like a palm leaf.


However, very recently I was commissioned to capture a wedding… in Dubai. Yes… Dubai. That very place that sits on the ‘yeah right’ section of our bucket lists. I mean, this is Dubai we’re talking about so I expected this wedding celebration to be very cool indeed! Despite my expectations, it turned out that I had no idea of the grandiosity of this wedding. No idea.

When my team and I arrived, we were greeted by some of the most friendly people we’ve ever met. Accommodating doesn’t describe the experience. I mean seriously, when I mentioned stopping by a cellular store to pick up a cheap phone, our driver GAVE me his cell phone to use for four days. Gave it to me! Who does that?! For the duration of our trip we weren’t greeted with anything less than a smile, hug, handshake, kiss on the cheek, you name it. The wedding coordinator, Neiman Azzi, kept pinching all of our cheeks out of gratitude and approval. Needless to say, we were happy to be there.

Our lovely couple, Zeid and Gazl, topped everyone however. They welcomed us into their country and into their families. I was not only inspired by my surroundings of what most would call paradise, but more so inspired by the people. Zeid and Gazl had such a hospitable approach toward everyone involved. It was because of them that we all were able to perform to the best of our abilities, working together in every aspect of the event. We had people from Lebanon, USA, Australia, and more… coming together to celebrate the union of these two wonderful people.

I want to present a small preview of what we experienced at the wedding celebration of Zeid and Gazl. It is impossible to fit everything into this small amount of time, but you’ll get the idea. I would also like to thank Neiman Azzi for being such an inspiring artist. It is his vision brought to life that you’ll see in the design and execution of this celebration.